Bio Attribites
Home Earth
Classification Chompozoid
Faction Decepticons
Status Online
Other Ottributes
First Seen Pilot (Part 1)
Occupation Invigorator
Voice Liam O'Brien

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Two things rule the thought processes of Underbite: eating and bragging. This Decepticon Chompazoid is extraordinarily proud of his strength, which increases as he consumes more metal. To him, everything is a workout, all in the goal of pumping up and bulking out. He's even gone so far as to name his forearms "Thundercruncher" (right) and "Boltsmasher" (left). He kisses them.

He claims to have devoured the entirety of Nuon City, a feat about which he brags endlessly. So proud is he that he reacts quite violently to anyone not aware of his reputation.

Physically, he has few equals... provided he's got a steady diet of metal to masticate. On mainly-organic worlds like Earth, however, his rampages can drain him quickly, leaving him with little to juice up on. So strong is his need to feed that he'll ignore threats in favor of chasing down a pick-me-up.